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The African Excellence Network (AEN) is an association that brings together alumni from all the DAAD African Excellence centres. a culmination of discussions that had begun about 3 years ago. In 2017, at the 1st alumni conference that took place in Cape Town, South Africa, participants (alumni) recognised the urgent need to set up an association that would facilitate engagement among alumni from all the centres of excellence and provide a platform through which members can support the centres of excellence. Such an association would also engage with issues facing sub-Saharan Africa, through research and advocacy.

AEN members are alumni the DAAD African Excellence centres.

The current centres of Excellence include:

  • East and South African German Centre for Educational Research and Management
  • Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance
  • Kenyan-German Centre of Excellence For Mining, Environmental Engineering And Resource Management
  • Namibian-German Centre for Logistics
  • Tanzanian-German Centre for Eastern African Legal Studies
  • South African-German Centre for Development Research
  • South African-German Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice
  • West-African-German Centre of Excellence for Local Governance in Africa 
  • West African-German Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Rural Transformation
  • Ghanaian-German Centre for Development Studies (GGCDS)

AEN 2018 Alumni conference in Ghana






Want to join the team?

We welcome all alumni from the DAAD African Centres of Excellence to join the AEN! Be part of a vibrant, enthusiastic community that aims to facilitate networking, career development, and mentorship. If you are interested in joining the AEN, please contact us:

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