Congolese-German Centre For Microfinance

Partner countries: Democratic Republic of Congo and Germany

The Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance (CCAM) was established in October 2008 thanks to a partnership between the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Germany) and the Université Protestante au Congo (DRC). Its aim is to promote teaching and research in microfinance and related fields. Through its Master in Microfinance, the CCAM provides high quality education on Microfinance and Inclusive Finance topics to young, aspiring individuals who act as future multipliers and promoters of sound financial practices in DRC’s Microfinance sector and beyond. As part of its activities, the Centre organizes annual conferences with all major stakeholders in DRC’s microfinance sector. Each year, students are given the opportunity to visit leading Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) operating in neighboring countries (or towns) and engage with their staff. Currently, the Center is under the coordination of: Dr. Barbara Drexler (Program Director); Prof. Dr. Patrick Bakengela Shamba (Centre Director) Prof. Dr. Frederic Kalala Tshimpaka (Dean of Faculty and Holder of the Chair of Microfinance) Frank Mulamba (Project Manager) and Michael Kongo (Student advisory).

Alumni: With its 192 alumni from 4 nationalities (DR Congo, Cameroon; Burkina Faso and Comoros), the Congolese-German Centre for Microfinance has a well-established and functioning alumni association.

More information about this centre can be found here.