East and South African German Centre for Educational Research and Management

Partner countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Germany

The East and South African German Centre for Educational Research and Management (CERM-ESA) is a joint project between the Schools of Education at Moi University, University of Oldenburg (Germany), Nelson Mandela University (South Africa), University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), and Uganda Management Institute (Uganda). The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office funds this programme. The centre was set up in 2015, and physically hosted by Moi University (Kenya). CERM-ESA aims to promote and advance educational research, management, and teacher education in specific African contexts through its academic, research and staff development programmes. Through its programmes and networking activities, the Centre delivers excellent academic results that serve as a basis for evidence-based decision making for improving educational practice.

The centre offers both a Master’s and PhD programme. All CERM-ESA students are co-supervised by members of the partner universities. Moi University is currently working on a new Master’s programme on ‘educational research methodologies and practice which is going to run in cooperation between the School of Education and the Centre. The centre also has a capacity building and staff development programme which aims to impact on all partner universities’ faculties of education sustainably. This programme offers advancing skills in (a) supervision of graduate and postgraduate students, (b) innovative didac-tics and management of trans-disciplinary processes, (c) management of research projects, especially fundraising, successful planning, structuring and implementation of excellent research projects that are attractive to external funding and international cooperation and (d) utilizing educational research data for decision making and policies. The current centre coordinator is Dr Susan Kurgat who is based at Moi University.

CERM-ESA has seven alumni members who are in the process of forming an alumni association.

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